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01:13 pm: My van is NOT a homeless shelter for John's Alley patrons.
I thought that went without saying, but apparently it doesn't. Somebody not only spent a little too much time in my car without my permission, but they decided they wanted to pay me for that privelege by SHOVING A KEY INTO MY IGNITION THAT DOES NOT BELONG IN MY IGNITION. I got to pay a locksmith $45 to yank it out (after trying unsuccessfuly to do it myself with a pair of pliers) and I don't know yet whether there was damage incurred to the ignition switch. I'm betting there is. So, let's add this to the tab of recent car repairs:

53.00 (headlight)
20.00 (transmission fluid)
Free! (replacement cooling line for transmission. Thank you, Schucks!)
45.00 (locksmith)
250.00 (my dad's estimate on what it costs to fix an ignition that is mounted on the steering column)

368.00 (total for the last month's worth of car repairs)


But, you know, it's not that bad. At least they didn't steal the car or break the windows or anything. I'm still alive. I still have a home and a job. It coulda been worse. I'm really not as upset as I expected myself to be. Just a little frustrated.

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