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The Heart of Fools Speaks...

Wistful Wishes and Moody Monolouges

13 May
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I'm a twenty-two-year-old Unitarian Universalist vegetarian art school dropout who got married at an age that people tend to raise eyebrows at and got divorced less than a year later. Does that about cover it? I'm now a rockstar's girlfriend and sit around in dark bars drinking rum and coke on weekends. During the week, I sit behind a motel front desk knitting socks.
I'm also an aspiring children's book illustrator, and a huge geek. I tend to do things like carry a dice bag and four decks of Magic cards in my purse. If you live in Moscow and know how to skateboard, please come teach me how. 310-6018
80's music, absurdity, animals, archie mcphee, atheism, babies, baking, basement jaxx, beck, being barefoot, bjork, board games, bubble baths, bubbles, cats, chemical brothers, chez geek, children, children's books, chocolate, citrus fruit, college radio, crayons, cuddling, dance music, dandelions, dice, dire straits, douglas adams, drawing, dreadlocks, driving, duct tape, dungeons and dragons, eating, fantasy, flirting, flowers, fluxx, fragma, fridge magnets, gamer chicks, gaming conventions, garage sales, garden gnomes, geeks, gen con, getting mail, goodwill, hard rock, hebrew, hi liters, hugs, humor, incense, intentional communities, jw waterhouse, kitsch, knitting, kodt, languages, laughing, lexx, lightning, long hair, long skirts, looney labs, love, macaroni and cheese, magic: the gathering, making lists, maternity ward, mermaids, mindless comedy, moby, moscow id, munchkin, music, my boyfriend, my church, my family, my job, my little sister, names, neopets, nonsense, obscurity, orange juice, organic food, organic living, painting, pasta, pepperjack cheese, photoshop, picnics, pop rocks, prisms, quilts, rain, rainbows, ray bradbury, reading, ren fairs, rob zombie, rum, schoolhouse rock, sci fi, scrapbooking, seattle, self help books, sesame street, sewing, skateboards, sleeping, south park, speeding, spirituality, sporks, springtime, station wagons, steve jackson games, sunshine, swimming, swingsets, techno, tennis, the return to oz, thrift stores, toys, unitarian universalism, unitarian universalists, uuism, vegetarianism, water, watercolors, willow the movie, wonder woman, xanth